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As a manufacturer and designer of equipment for dry ice cleaning and abrasive blasting, we sell dry ice cleaning machines, dry ice production machines and accessories. We are also specialised and your contact for (semi-) automated solutions.

Dry ice cleaning is unique because it allows to clean without leaving any other waste: the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100% after use! Our machines and solutions are mainly intended for industrial and maintenance engineering companies, service providers and industrial cleaning and surface treatment professionals.

We have been producing dry ice blasting machines and dry ice pelletizers under our brandname CRYONOMIC® for almost 30 years!

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CRYONOMIC® is your partner for dry ice equipment! Dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning is a technology that uses dry ice pellets for cleaning without water, cleaning without chemicals or replacing the manual cleaning job. Dry ice blasting machines are used in many industries for mould cleaning, renovation, machine cleaning, etc …Dry ice pellets are made with our CRYONOMIC® dry ice production machines.