11. How is CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasting equipment different from competitors?

The CRYONOMIC® dry ice cleaning equipment contains two series: the well known COMBI-series are one- AND two-hose machines, the COB-series are one hose machine.

The comparison of both series with its competitors will be explained separately:

The COMBI series are one- and two-hose systems, powerful equipment, ideal to clean large surfaces without excessive pellet consumption.

1. The COMBI series operate as a one- or two-hose system, which – when compared with a one hose system – offers considerable savings on the use of dry ice pellets. Meanwhile the pellets come only into contact with compressed air and not with ambient (humid) air as with two hose suck systems, resulting in a very reliable system.

2. In our machines air and pellets are pushed through the hoses as opposed to being sucked out of the machine through a venturi which many other machines use. The advantage of our two hose system is that here again, less dry ice pellets are used and we can clean equipment over 100 metres away from the unit with not much loss of effectiveness!

3. With our machine there is continuous pressure regulation between 0.5 bar and 16 bar with the same machine, gun and nozzle, which is without equipment adaptation often not applicable in other machines.

4. CRYONOMIC® introduced two very helpful features on the COMBI machines: the integrated light on the gun illuminates the workspot, resulting in more efficient cleaning; the full remote control allowing adjustment of pellet rate, pressure and speed of pellets on the gun during blasting, is a major advantage for most of the cleaning applications.

5. Our machine is compact and easy to manoeuvre, set up and operate with one person.

6. Pellet consumption rate is indicated digitally and is very accurate.

The COB dry ice blaster is a compact one hose system, ideal for focused cleaning and excellent manoeuvrability.

1. The COB series is a one hose system, but due to its unique design, it is nevertheless economical with respect to dry ice consumption when compared to other one hose systems.

2. This machine is intended for low to medium pressure applications giving high cleaning performance with low air consumption.

3. The small and ergonomic blasting gun, combined with the focused cleaning beam, makes it ideal for applications with poor accessibility. A large range of different nozzles is available on the gun, and these nozzles are easily exchangeable due to its unique fixing concept.

4. The COB allows setting of dry ice consumption and blasting pressure on the control panel.

5. Because the gunlight is such a valuable tool, all the available nozzles can be used in combination with the gunlight!

Contrary to what some engineers or competitors claim, pellets does not need to be crushed to clean aggressively with dry ice. Pellets with a diameter of 3 mm work perfectly.

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